Monday, April 9, 2012

Building Photography

My dad owns a construction company and recently built some additions for a homeowner. He asked if I would take some pictures of the final product for his company's portfolio.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day and perfect for taking pictures, so I took all the photos of the additions and the property itself.

I don't normally like to take pictures at high-noon, but for taking pictures of buildings with trees, landscaping, and other buildings around them, it was perfect. The sun didn't cast any problem shadows that I would have been frustrated with if I had shot earlier or later in the day.

These are all SOOC. I might add some contrast to them and boost the blacks, but I like the colors for the most part.

Back view of the house and addition.
Side view of addition.
The addition.

Front view of the barn addition.
Back view of the barn addition.
This is just because the artist photographer in me just couldn't resist that color.

I just can't get over how gorgeous today was! The weather was perfect, the sky was so blue, and the grass was so vibrant!


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  1. I love these! You're right, the day was absolutely perfect for it!