Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Welcome to the first post of a series of Christmas posts! The first matter of business- LIGHTS!!
I love Christmas lights, and Christmas light photography is always so much fun. You can do so many creative things with them. And some not so creative things. Or you can try to do creative things and epically fail.. like this one-
The whole 'shaped bokeh' thing is really cool. I've seen some awesome examples of it, however, I have yet to master the art of shaped bokeh. I've got the idea, but not the technique, I guess. Here's the lens hood I made for it-

It's cute, isn't it? Well, it didn't work that well.

I took these with my Nikon D3000, completely manually. I was rather proud of myself for that. I can't tell you what each pictures settings were, but they were an 5.4f, 400 ISO, and somewhere between 1/6 and 1/13 shutter speed. Anyway, onto some better examples of Christmas light bokeh, and a few ornaments. (:

Here is one example of just bokeh. Nothing fancy, just plain old bokeh out of Christmas tree lights, on a small tree. It's kind of cool just by itself, but I like having it focus on something else.

I love how you can see the lights reflected in the snowglobe. It's like double bokeh. (:

Isn't he adorable??
I love this one because you can see the whole antler reflected in the snowglobe. (:

Can you tell I love snowmen? (:
And just because I love my deer, and am a bit of a redneck...

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