Friday, December 23, 2011


Today's post in the Christmas series is presents! They've all been wrapped and are ready to go under the tree. (: I CANNOT wait to give them to everybody! I'm so excited! These pictures had incredible natural light, so they didn't really need any editing. They're SOOC. I took them manually, but I can't remember where all the settings were at. Sorry.
I always wrap with brown craft paper. I really love the old-fashioned feel of it. This year I tied jute around them, as well as gold ribbon. The ones with the ribbon are a little bit fancier, but I like the jute, too.

This year I made my own gift tags. I LOVE the way they turned out! I used a vintage keyhole that I have, traced it onto watercolor paper, and cut it out. Then I used a black Sharpie to outline the tag, fill in the keyhole itself and outlined that. After that, I put them in a shallow container of hot water with 3 teabags. The teabags dye the paper and give it this totally vintage, antique, kinda look. After they dried I covered them with Mod Podge to give it a hard, smooth, shiny finish.

You could do this with any shape or patter or idea, but I really love the keyhole.

The only problem, I must say, is that the brown craft paper DOES NOT stay together very well. Meaning that scotch tape will not hold it together. You end up using like 3 pieces just to get the ends to stay shut. I thought about using duct tape. I probably should have.

And to conclude this Christmas present post- the presents under the tree. (:

Two days til Christmas!


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  1. I used craft paper too:) And was also having a hard time keeping it in place...that is until I perforated the paper (like around corners, etc.) It really did help--so keep that in mind next year;) The gift tags look that you did all of 'em by hand--that's REALLY cool and thoughtful. Merry Christmas, Beck! Hope it's extra special:) (and may I make a suggestion? make your pictures larger--I'm gettin' too old and am squinting away over here!)