Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My DIY Camera Straps!

This past week I was inspired to make my own camera straps. I was sick of the black and yellow straps that declared "NIKON USER!" Not that I'm ashamed of my Nikons, I actually love them. A lot. I just wanted something a little more.. me. So after searching relentlessly for a DIY on the internet to make one, and not being happy with any of them, I decided to just wing it and make my own.

Sorry there aren't very many pictures during the actual process of making it. I was consumed in my work.

Don't worry, though, it's super simple. Especially if you cheat like I did and start with a pretty scarf.

I'll apologize right now for my lousy point-and-shoot pictures of the final product. I wanted a picture of both straps on the cameras, but it's hard to take a photo that you can upload to a blog with a 35mm.

So anyway, here's how I did it..

Today I ventured to my local thrift store in search of fabric remnants to make my neck straps, but ended up falling in love with some super cute scarves that were just what I was looking for. I purchased the striped one on the 35mm for $0.98, and the yellow and green one on the DSLR for $1.75.
Best 3 bucks I ever spent.

I started out by folding my scarf in half, with the patterned side of the scarf on the INSIDE of the fold. You want the ugly side facing out. Then I pinned along that edge.

With this scarf it didn't matter which way I folded the fabric, both sides were the same. However, on my second strap, it did matter. The pattern was on one side but not the other.

The picture is supposed to be flipped the other way, but for some odd reason, Blogger keeps rotating it the wrong way. Sorry for the neck ache.
After that I sewed along the edge, but then realized it wasn't as thin as I wanted, so I sewed a parallel line to the first one along the middle of the scarf.After I had it the width I wanted, I flipped it right side out. Now you'll have a nice, not as visible, seam on the back of your strap.

When that was done, I just tied it onto my camera! I'm really happy with the way it turned out! Just what my cameras needed.

Here's a picture of the other one I made for my DSLR. Had to go about making this one a bit differently, but it wasn't a big deal. Instead of just one strap I had to cut my bandana in half and then into two strips. After that I did the same thing as before and just sewed the two sides together.
And here is one more lousy picture of them around my neck.

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