Sunday, September 25, 2011


So, I have this weird obsession with little bitty mushrooms and toadstools. I love to draw them. I love to photograph them. I just really love them. However, I don't like to eat them. Anyway, today I found THE coolest thing ever. Well, maybe not the coolest, but it's pretty cool. There was a perfect circle of mushroom/toadstool type things around a tree in my yard. In the movie "Summer of the Monkeys", they called them fairie rings or something like that. And now I can't see little mushrooms without thinking of it. Anyway, I took this picture of them-Nothing creative, but just a picture of it. I did, however do some creative things with them. (:


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  1. Love that first picture! Okay so my neighbor just ate a wild mushroom and pretty much almost died. So I'm glad you didn't have a snack after this photo shoot:) (I know you know better than that too:))