Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Star Trail Photos!

So tonight I finally got around to doing some star trail (long exposure) photos. As far as the quality, they're not that great, and they're nothing compared to the ones I shared when I introduced this shoot. But, all that aside.. I'm so excited because.. IT WORKED!!! I'm definitely going to keep practicing and do some more of these, but doing these long exposures sucks all the juice right out of your camera battery, so I could only do 3 exposures, and only 2 of them are worth posting. These are completely SOOC. I used my camera's remote on the Timed exposure in my Manual settings. I let them expose for about 5 minutes each (it should have been WAY longer, but I was too excited to let it expose any more (: ). ISO 100, f10, and... I think that was it. I don't know what's up with the purple in the corners. Any ideas? The first one is without a flash, and the second one is with the flash on.

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